Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sunrise in the Backwoods

For the last six months, my better half has been working second shift. This meant that we seldom got to bed before 2 a.m. The last two nights, he has worked third shift.

Since I always adjust my schedule to his, so we can spend more time together, the last two mornings I've been able to take my coffee out to the porch and quietly watch the new day dawn.

Even tho, I may be completely immersed in writing my latest article, the rooters begin crowing just before the first hints of light are in the eastern sky. That's my cue to set the laptop aside, fill my coffee cup and go to my spot on the porch.

Call it meditation time, if you will. For me, sunrise has always been the most peaceful time of the day. I've missed it these last few months. For those few moments it takes for light to fill the sky, all is right with my world. It's a new day, a new adventure and nothing life throws at me can damper my spirit.

Once the sun is shining fully, I come back inside, do my yoga, finish what I was working on and wait for my better half to get home.

With his new schedule, now I get to see both sunrise and sunset daily. Life, sometimes, is truly good.

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