Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ten Days Later...

It's been ten days since Katrina. My heart is still breaking from the images that have filled the television screen and the Internet of the intense human suffering taking place all over the Gulf Coast. Along with my torn heart is the anger that I feel. Anger at those that allowed so many to die. Anger that children went hungry for days after the storm while those in power (at all levels) held press conferences and talked (and only talked) about what they should do.

And I feel shame. Shame that every country in the world had to watch the self proclaimed 'greatest country on earth' let down its citizens. Let down those who had very little way to fall. Even now, ten days later, there is still needless suffering for those who cannot afford to help themselves.

I'm not pointing fingers (although I could), I think blame belongs on many levels, but in the end, someone should take responsibility and say "the buck stops here."

I've watched the citizens of this country respond with open hearts. I've seen communities all across this nation open their hearts, billfolds and towns to the displaced from this tragedy. And that makes me happy and helps restore my faith in mankind. Yet, my faith in those that are supposed to be there in times of crisis is crushed, forever.

Makes me glad that I'm a homesteader. Makes me glad that we rely on no one but ourselves to get by. Truth is -- Katrina has proved to this Kat that all we have is ourselves. No matter what the situation, if we don't take care of ourselves, chances are no one else will be around to help either.

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