Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Taxes, Snow and Other Realities of Arkansas Living

Last week, I could put it off no longer. It was time to do the taxes. First things first, download the final versions of TaxAct. This program is the best thing since sliced bread for doing both personal and corporate taxes. I’ve used them for about five years now and truly prefer them over any other tax software on the market.

Now back to where I was. Taxes. Spent two days, checking and rechecking the numbers. It was time to hit e-file. Then comes the waiting to see if the submission was accepted. Twenty four hours later, I get the confirmations from both the IRS and the state. I’m a happy camper. Done. Now just wait for the money.

The big surprise was that the state has already paid. Less than a week. How cool is that????

The other big news of the week was snow last Friday. We only got an inch or so, but that was enough (and cold enough to turn to ice quickly) that Kevin took a long weekend. Now they are promising more ice and snow this weekend too. So much for working at the sawmill.

I remind myself…this is the Ozarks and it is wintertime still. Yet, that’s not stopping me from starting tomatoes in tiny little peat pots this afternoon and placing them in a sunny window. Spring is, really, just around the corner.

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