Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kevin's Been Busy

Finally, after many a month, Kevin spent the icy day yesterday updating the website with a baker's dozen of new articles from the both of us. As winter continues, we both going to try and do our best to add articles at least on a monthly basis. You can always look for new posts here.

Yesterday was Arkansas's first ice storm of the year. Not a huge event, (we didn't lose power) but it will take a day or two of the promised warmer temps to thaw everything out.

The kitchen remodel is almost done. Watch the website for pictures and videos of just how much it has changed. It's absolutely beautiful.

Beyond that, we've both just been writing a ton of articles, (alas for other people) and working on the mill and yard. We have entered a few screenplay contests, so keep your fingers crossed for us.

And the boy, that wonderful grandson of ours, is just about to turn two. Time flies, especially with a growing child.

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