Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Sun is OUT!

Finally, after days and days of rain, the sun is shining. For the moment tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and inches and inches of rain are behind us. Yesterday never made it out of the 40s here in Arkansas. Today should be in the 60s with 80s by the weekend. Things should begin to dry out. This doesn't save the gardens that washed away in the torrential downpours, nor does it negate those whose homes are destroyed by flooding and/or the tornadic activity of the last two weeks. My heart and thoughts go out to each and every person who has suffered from Mother Natures fury. The last few weeks here in the south has been a tragic time for many.

As summer continues to approach, we here in the Backwoods have a lot to do. Another movie is being shot this weekend. Titled "Truth of Becoming" it is based on a short story I wrote years ago when we were infested with ticks. Kevin adapted the story into a nice short horror/thriller and I cannot wait to see how it screens on the big screen once we have edited it.

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