Tuesday, May 17, 2005

One Downside of Backwoods Living

Today was a classic day of the other side of living in the backwoods. It's not all roses, and when the stinkweed is strongest, that's when my frustration set in.

10 am - Get hubby off to work
10:10 am - Boot up computers, log on to my ISP.
10:12 am - Disconnected
10:13 am - Reconnect
10:15 am - Disconnected
10:16 am - Reconnect and stay on long enough to pull in half of my email
10:20 am - Disconnected
10:21 am - Reconnect and pull in the rest of my email
10:25 am - Disconnected

So, I think, okay, this is how the day is going to go. I'll answer my email offline, then connect and send. Yeah, right.

For the next four hours, I couldn't connect at all. Now I'm jonesing. After all a web content writer has to be, what?, connected to the web!

Never mind all the content is written offline - it was the distraction of the thing. I had to keep checking every five minutes, no way could I write too. (I'm easily distracted, I reckon.)

Finally, at three, the connection took - it held and I've only had to reconnect three times since. Almost back too normal.

So, what did I do in those four hours, you ask? I made cheese and yogurt and otherwise tried to keep myself busy around the house.

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