Thursday, July 27, 2006

Money and the way we look at it

Unfortunately, money is something we all need. Even those of us who are attempting to live a back to the land lifestyle. No longer can any of us raise every thing we need to get by in the modern world.

Our jobs are taking us farther and farther away from home. Plus you have the expense of clothing, lunches and other necessities just to spend eight hours of a day away from home to earn money.

And it seems, the more you make, the more you need. I guess we're lucky in that we always seem to have enough. Even in the lean times.

And then there are the credit cards. You just can't get by in today's world without at least one. And the banks know this. Which is why, almost daily we get offers in the mail for another one. I mean, try to rent a motel room with one, or take a flight or rent a car. All of these things are impossible without that little bit of plastic.

And for emergencies, like car repairs or medical bills they can be a lifesaver.

So how do you know, which is the best credit card for you out of all of the offers you receive. Good question. Speaking of credit, how many folks actually know what's in their credit report? Does the amount of offers we get mean our credit is outstanding? I don't know, but if we took every one of them, I'd need an extra purse just to carry them all.

While we all know we need credit cards to get by, choosing the credit cards that match our own needs is never an easy task.

I suppose the reason that the economy and the way things are going lately stems from the fact Kev and I have both went back to work. Earning a living from the homestead will happen, but just not as fast as we both hoped it would. We haven't given up, just supplementing the best we can. Until the day that the sawmill and the furniture can supply everything we need, it's just the way it is in this wonderful, modern world.


dragonfly183 said...

you can use a bank debit card in place of a credit card as long as its a visa and i think just about all of them are.

barefoot gardener said...

I have lived credit card free all my life. It is not easy, I know, but it can be done. I have often thought about getting one just for the convenience, but I always shy away from the idea of having all that imaginary money so easily accessible. A debit card is a reasonable alternative, I believe. We used to have one and it was nice.
As for needing money, I agree that it seems to be an inescapable evil. Even if one were able to provide all one's own material needs there are still property taxes and such to pay. Sorry to hear you have had to go back to the work force. It must be frustrating to be so close to what you want and then have to take a step back. Good luck!