Friday, July 21, 2006

Well, times are a changing again…

Starting Sunday, Kevin’s going back to work at the poultry plant. Which mean, it’s back to night shift for both of us. No, we’re not giving up on the mill or the lumber business, it’s only that’s going to become a part time thing – at least for now. It's going to be strange - him shifting from being gone all day to being gone all night. But at least this will be closer and he won't be gone as many hours and we'll still have the mornings to get things done around here before we sleep the afternoon away.

Been thinking a lot about the economy lately. From where I’m sitting, doesn’t seem to be getting any better at all. Gas prices are only rising and along with that comes higher everything.

Every time I think about stuff like this, can’t help but think about the price of gold. Read a web release earlier today that talked about gold and how it is really the only stable currency left in the world. Funny people have been talking gold for years, but it seems to be getting more attention this time around. A dollar may still be worth a dollar if it's a dollars worth of gold. Might want to check out the link yourself if you have ever thought about wanting to

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dragonfly183 said...

it does suck. It now costs me 45 dollars a week to drive to work 3 days.