Saturday, May 30, 2009

As promised...

We've been adding lots of new content to the website, including a new video and a new slideshow. More to come, this weekend and in the future.

We've been doing a lot of pea picking this week. Put up almost ten pounds in the last harvest from the garden and will probably have that much again when we pick tomorrow or Monday.

It's almost time for making strawberry preserves too. I've frozen pounds and pounds of the beautiful red berries and after this next picking, will begin canning preserves. That alone will save a ton at the grocery store, as much as we both like plain, simple peanut butter and jelly (or preserve) sandwiches.

Kevin's been hard at work on the summer kitchen and me, when I'm not writing articles, I'm working on what I hope will be my next screenplay. So we've both been at things slowly but steady and in the end, it will get all done.

So enjoy the new articles and keep watching for more in the future. We're back!

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