Sunday, June 07, 2009

20 Pints of Sweetness

Well, got the frozen strawberries all turned into pretty pint jars of Strawberry preserves. They are going to taste so good this winter (okay, won't be waiting till winter, but have to eat this one jar of store bought stuff first cuz it's already open). Later this week, I'll be making plum jelly and from there it's blackberry season and judging from the blackberry canes, it's going to be a great year for berries.

Kevin spent most of the day weed eating. Soon, he's going to have to break down and buy a mower because we now really have a yard thanks to all his efforts. What started as a small patch of grass under the clothesline has expanded into a wonderful array of color as the roses, daylilies and wildflower garden have burst into bloom and the grass has exploded all over the front fenced in area of the property.

Hopefully in another month, I'll be canning tomatoes. The cucumbers and squashes will be another project too as they continue to grow. And then there are the eggplant and peppers too. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water for stuffed peppers and fried green tomatoes.

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