Tuesday, March 01, 2011

And so it begins...

Feels like spring outside, daffodils and daylilies are springing from the ground, and with spring always comes the hopes of new beginnings. Things are changing and hopefully all the changes will be for the good.

First of all, we plan to devote a lot more time to the website, Backwoods Living. Plans are underway for a minor site redesign and many, many new articles over the coming months.

Filming begins for us in less than three weeks. The first, on March 19th, will be a story from my book Kats Tales - Journeys Into the Velvet Darkness: Revealed Evil. It is one of several stories we plan to turn into 'moving pictures' before the end of the year.

We've already begun the remodel of the house. Both for using it as a 'film set' but also for our own comfort and enjoyment. Bedroom, dressing room and bathroom are done. Part of the living room is complete and plans are well underway for the new library (so we'll have a place for all my books).

So keep watching...things are a changin'.


K Kenig said...

Oh, I would give anything to see daylilies and daffodills instead of the two feet of snow covering my garden!! :)

Mary said...

Very nice blog. Love your creative endeavors. From one "creative type" to another....all the very best!