Monday, March 07, 2011

I Like Excitement..but an arsonist?

Went outside a couple of hours ago, and saw a man walking down the road. Kevin saw a half dozen small fires burning to the other side of the property down the gas line. We walk out to the road only to see this guy start another fire. Kevin stays at the road, me, I run in and call the sheriff and the neighbors.

Now, it appears he's deep in the woods, still starting fires. Sheriff called for backup and the Forestry Department and several fire departments are now up here putting out flames.

Sheriff found a truck in the ditch up the road, so we're assuming it belongs to this guy. Guessing also he's either drunk or cranked up on something. Just hoping they find him soon - probably won't sleep well tonight if they don't.

More later as I find things out. (Which the way things work may be next week in the newspaper) :)


Jessica said...

This is ONLY something that happens in a backwoods town. HAHA! We have crazy stuff like this happen all the time.

Mark said...

Well, at least you did the decent thing by calling the Sheriff's department immediately. I'd go bananas if I saw someone doing that, likely stick a burning stick up his...

He'd certainly think twice about doing such a stupid thing again. Isn't it unbelievable how utterly stupid and thoughtless some people can be?

It's silly actions like this that cause millions of dollars worth of damage to people's properties and worse... costs people their lives not to mention putting firefighters lives at risk too.

Well done for taking responsible action Kat!

Best regards,

Mark Andrews