Thursday, March 03, 2011


As with all things we do, it's one thing at a time with twenty other things running through our brains simultaneously. But that's the way we work best. Concentrate on one thing, whilst thinking about other goals needing to be reached.

The Fan script is locked down and the actors appear happy with the story. Way cool. Kevin spent yesterday making false walls so we can change the appearance of any room in our house during filming and even create rooms within rooms.

Backwoods Living is slowly but surely becoming transformed into a more easily readable website. Categories are being added, so our readers can find the information they are looking for. That will be a plus for both them and us. :)

Temperatures today are in the low 70s - perfect for early March. I am truly hoping that winter is over for us; I am so ready to put away coats, hats and boots and bring out the warm weather clothes.

So onward and forward...

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