Thursday, June 23, 2005

By golly, I finally found them...

The eggs, I mean.

Our last remaining hen flew the coop about three weeks ago (and who could blame her being in there with 4 roosters). Anyway, she's been wandering around the yard and generally living it up. The only problem for us, is we couldn't find her eggs.

Well today, I found them. Little hen had made a nest right in the middle of a poison ivy patch. She's not setting them, as she's constantly running around the front part of the property. So after changing clothes and donning leather gloves, I took a basket to recover the eggs. I left two in the hopes she will continue laying.

At first, I thought I would float test them to determine which ones were still good and throw out the rest. I figured I'd end up with maybe half of the 21 eggs. But I was wrong, all of them but two passed the test, so we have a good number of eggs to eat over the coming days.

Maybe nows the time to start thinking about getting more chicks, or maybe I'll check with the neighbor about getting some eggs to incubate.

And maybe it's time to retire those four roosters to the slow cooker.

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