Thursday, June 30, 2005

Well, I never...

Living where we do, we do a lot (and I mean a lot) of online shopping. From eBay purchases to retail stores, we buy a good portion of our goods thru the net. But this last purchase, well, it really threw me.

Hubby needed new blades for his weedeater, so we found this company on line (ZACM Company out of Wisconsin), they had great prices and reasonable shipping, so we ordered four dozen blades.

A week later we receive four (single) blades. So I fire off an email, they respond that they screwed up and would send the balance of the order.

Wait another week. It finally arrives. Four packages, two of which are open. We count the blades, forty two. Still two blades short, so hubby gives them a call. He gets a machine, leaves a nice message asking where the other two blades are.

They call back. Mark Somebody (wouldn't give his last name). He called my better half a liar and told him he was full of s**t. (His exact words).

I've heard of bad customer service, but sheesh...well, I never heard of anything like this. I mean, why would we try to cheat these people out of two weedeater blades?

Get real.

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