Sunday, June 05, 2005

Experiments in Hard Cheese

Lately, I've been trying my hand at again making hard cheeses, such as Farmhouse Cheddar. The real trick, even here in the backwoods, is finding fresh milk. Currently, I have one batch curing using fresh milk and a second batch using store bought milk.

It's all an experiment for me. Back when I had my old homestead, fresh goat's milk was always available since I raised and milked 13 does daily. Here, I don't have that many goats.

I'm also trying my hand at a few Italian cheeses, such as Mozzarella. Ricotta is always easy, (the recipe is on my website) but I'm guessing that lasagna from scratch would be even better with fresh, homemade mozzarella cheese on top.

As it stands now, it will be at least a month or two before I will know if I'd had success with the hard cheeses. If so, I'll be sure to put the recipes on my Backwoods Living pages. The mozzarella cheese, well, I should know that by the end of the week. Like the hard cheeses, if I'm successful, I'll list that recipe on my pages also.

Stay tuned here for word.

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