Tuesday, December 27, 2005

66 Degrees - In the Last Week of December???

Seems like only last week, it was freezing here. And yet, here I sit with the doors and windows open allowing fresh air to fill the house.

Okay, I admit, I still have the woodstove going, but that’s only so I won’t have to rebuild a fire once the sun has set for the day. I reckon I’m kinda lazy that way.

We spent Kevin’s three day weekend working with the sawmill. Now that Oscar has a permanent home, it was much easier to operate than it was on the ground. We ended up cutting almost 500 board feet and I’ve got to say, that made me feel proud when I saw it all sticker-stacked up.

Granted, that’s not a traditional way to spend Christmas Day, but we enjoyed it immensely. Watching board after board stack up on the pick-up truck was more than enough present for us. We now know, we can do this thing.

We did hear from all the kid’s on Christmas Day (or Eve) and seems like they all liked the idea of giving a flock of chickens to those who need them. Sometimes, my kids astound me that way. (Means we did something right in raising them, right?)

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dragonfly183 said...

You know i am really hoping tis warm weather doesn't trigger a response in my spring blooming bulbs. But i am enjoying it. Don't feel bad about what you did on Christmas day, bear and i dragged logs out of the woods and chopped them ;)