Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy 2006

For us, 2006 brought us each a bad cold. Yet, that didn't stop us from enjoying our almost four day weekend. (Thanks to a vehicle breakdown on Thursday.) The skies continue to tease us with what looks like rain clouds, but so far we've had none. The weatherman said this morning that Arkansas was down 14 inches from the normal for last year.

I keep hoping that soon the cycle will change and we'll have rain for several days in a row. I don't mind the warmer temperatures though, in fact, today I let the woodstove burn out. I'll relight it after the sun goes down.

In spite of the cloudy skies, Kevin and I worked all weekend cleaning up what is now going to be our personal lumber yard. It's amazing how much stuff can be collected over the years - all in the name of - We might need it someday.

We also came up with a plan to extend the shed into a woodworking area until we get the shop built. And, we found the location for the kiln we want to build. But, we still have a lot of research on that before we do anything permanent.

After moving the bulk of the stuff on Friday, Saturday we took it a bit easier. Moved the rest of the stuff and just talked and made plans for our future. Now, if we could only figure a way to make the sawmill start paying off immediately, I would be one happy camper, but alas...
Saturday night, we shared a bottle of wine, but no way could we stay up to ring in the New Year. In fact, I think we were in bed by 9pm. If that makes us old foggies, well then so be it. We both knew the New Year would get here without us and if it didn't, well, wouldn't it be better to be sound asleep?

Our neighbor brought us down some logs to cut for him on Sunday. I reckon that's what we'll be doing this weekend, even though he said there was no hurry.

I hope everyone had a great New Year's eve and day, no matter how you celebrated it. Us, we had the traditional black eyed peas, brown rice and cornbread. Of the three, only brown rice is one of the things I cook regularly. The rest is saved for luck it is supposed to bring on New Years.

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