Monday, January 16, 2006

And More Blessed Rain

This time it looks like we're in for a real 'soaking' rain too. Hopefully it will finally get the county burn ban lifted. This past weekend we spent getting firewood up. Kevin had a lot already cut in the woods behind the house, but getting it out of the woods was another story.

He took the truck down and low and behold, found himself stuck. Using the chains from the old Suburban, he finally got the truck back to level ground. (Reminder to self - pickup truck does not like damp ground in the middle of the woods.)

Daughter Dumpling moved back home yesterday. Don't know for how long, but both of us can sure use the extra pair of hands while she's here. There is the hope that she'll be returning to school come summer, but we'll see how that goes.

For today, I've got ham and beans cooking in the Crockpot and with the rain, it sounds like it will make a wonderful dinner with some fresh sourdough rolls. But I reckon, that before I really think about dinner, I should get that sinfull of dishes done first.

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dragonfly183 said...

You mean it wasn't lifted after the last storm??? Whew, its a good thing i didn't burn anything.