Friday, January 13, 2006

Rain, Blessed Rain

Finally. After over a month with no moisture whatsoever, it finally rained this week. We got over an inch and I’ve got to admit with all the wild fires, I was really happy for it. Then again, last night a storm rolled through and it looks like we got close to another inch. More rain is promised for Monday. I hope this becomes a pattern for the rest of the season.

Living where we do, fire is always a threat and when everything is dry, just the thought of someone throwing a cigarette out the car window is enough to terrify a thinking person.

Last weekend, we had the kids here and put them to work on the sawmill. While Erin didn’t seem too enthused with bucking boards, Justin took to sawing fairly well. Like me, he has a hard time reading the log ruler and some of his boards came up a bit thin, but perfectly acceptable.

Spent some time this week updating The Sawmill Project on the website. It was fun to write and I’m sure glad we took a lot of pictures as it helped me remember what we did in what order. (Trouble with growing older sometimes is remembering little things like that!)

Not sure what’s on the agenda for this weekend. I think we’ll probably work on adding an addition to the shed so that we can do some ‘real’ woodworking. Both of us are getting excited about what we can make with the wood we are cutting. One thing at a time though. The last thing I want to do is take the fun out of all this with a bunch of ‘have to get done’ stuff.


smbwallace said...

Hi Kat, Michelle here from down in the Delta of eastern Arkansas! I ran into on a writing forum a little while back. I've added your blog to my feed list and will be back often to read!

michaelm said...

Hey Kat-

Fancy meeting you here. . .
I'll be back.