Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Proof That I Am Indeed...

I now have absolute proof that I am indeed an old hippy. Last week, I discovered that Earth shoes were back in business. For those too young to remember, Earth shoes were the shoes that the hippies of the early seventies wore. The think that set them apart were the reverse heel - where your heel was a quarter inch below your toes. Clunky, ugly, but positively the most comfortable shoes I ever graced my feet with. For over ten years, those were the only shoes I would wear.

Then they disappeared - right off the face of the earth.

Reading through an issue of Body and Soul last week, I saw an ad. Could it be? I asked myself. I went online and sure enough, there they were. I immediately ordered a pair of sandals. With hopeful anticipation, I waited for delivery and in the meantime, went back and ordered a pair of boots.

My sandals came Monday. They were exactly like I remembered. Well, maybe not quite so clunky. I put them on my feet, and low and behold, my feet felt like they had come home. My feet were happy and so was I.

So who but an old hippy would be blogging about the joy of finding Earth shoes again? Proof indeed.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

One Downside of Backwoods Living

Today was a classic day of the other side of living in the backwoods. It's not all roses, and when the stinkweed is strongest, that's when my frustration set in.

10 am - Get hubby off to work
10:10 am - Boot up computers, log on to my ISP.
10:12 am - Disconnected
10:13 am - Reconnect
10:15 am - Disconnected
10:16 am - Reconnect and stay on long enough to pull in half of my email
10:20 am - Disconnected
10:21 am - Reconnect and pull in the rest of my email
10:25 am - Disconnected

So, I think, okay, this is how the day is going to go. I'll answer my email offline, then connect and send. Yeah, right.

For the next four hours, I couldn't connect at all. Now I'm jonesing. After all a web content writer has to be, what?, connected to the web!

Never mind all the content is written offline - it was the distraction of the thing. I had to keep checking every five minutes, no way could I write too. (I'm easily distracted, I reckon.)

Finally, at three, the connection took - it held and I've only had to reconnect three times since. Almost back too normal.

So, what did I do in those four hours, you ask? I made cheese and yogurt and otherwise tried to keep myself busy around the house.