Friday, August 12, 2011

The Sun is Shining...

Sort of, it's in and out behind the clouds. But that's okay. We've had four glorious days of rain here. According to the rain gauge, more than six inches. After all the 100+ degree days and little to no rain for the last month, I'll take every drop we can get. I consider all this rain Mother Nature's way of saying Happy Birthday to me (which was earlier in the week). The other plus is that it is cooler! I actually have the house open and the air-conditioner off for the first time in what seems like months.

Along with the rain, new technology entered the household this week as Kevin bought me a new laptop for my birthday. Top of the line little machine perfect for editing video. Look for updates about our films in the near future as we now have a machine that can handle the high-definition video.

In other news, Kevin (and I also) is adapting to his new weekend work schedule. It's a killer what with three 12 hour days. The plus side of this is that he's home from Sunday evening to Thursday night. I'm really liking that part of the deal.

With any luck, we'll slowly begin working on the library next week. Provided the temps aren't back to over a 100 degrees. So far the weather forecast says we'll probably be good to go, at least early in the week. I think once we get closer to fall the work will go much more quickly. I know excessive heat really slows me down.

On another note, still waiting to hear if daughter dumpling and grandson's are coming for a visit. Would be great to see the kids (even the grown one). I'm sure the boys have grown like weeds since the last time I saw them. Just hoping I don't get asked to babysit. :)