Friday, August 10, 2007

On Turning Fifty

On Turning Fifty

Wednesday, the 8th, was my birthday. Fifty years young. At least that’s how my mind feels. The body, on the other hand, has a different opinion.

This year I got the best birthday presents ever. Since Aserah was supposed to be my birthday present, so imagine my surprise when Kevin told me I could get her litter-mate too! We picked Bia up on Monday. The two of them are getting along great and I can’t believe just what great dogs they are.

Daughter Alissa got me an absolutely beautiful Chinese vase. It had a lid, but she didn’t bring that because she said it made it look too much like an urn. Now I’m harassing her for the top. My twisted mind kinda likes the idea of getting an urn for my birthday – sorta poetic.

Zayden, my fantastic grandson, is growing like a weed. Seven months old and crawling all over the place. Kevin swears he actually said “HI” the other day. I believe him. The kid is a tiny terror when he’s in his walker – he thinks the house is his private racetrack. But, honestly, every move he makes brings a smile to my face. Who would have thunk I would be such a proud grandma?

The garden is almost done. It’s been a very successful year. Both freezers are full and the canning jars are adding up. The dehydrators (two of them) have been running daily. About all that’s left in the garden are the pumpkins and they’ll be harvested by the end of next week.

It’s been extremely hot here the last few weeks. So far we haven’t hit the 100 mark in temperature, but we sure have in the heat index realm. Just walking to the mailbox will bring on a full sweat. Me, I’m trying to stay inside as much as possible – which isn’t hard, with all the produce to preserve that’s on the kitchen table.

I’m really looking forward to fall. The kitchen is finally going to get the remodel it has been begging for. We’re doing it all out of cedar and I know it’s just going to be stunning. Plus we designed it ourselves and since we’ve got the sawmill and all the tools, we don’t have to follow any other manufacturers idea of what a kitchen should be.

Time, like always, is always at a premium, but hopefully I’ll be able to post the remodel pictures on the site as we progress.