Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ya Load 50 ton and...

What will ya get? More cedar boards than I can count in my head right now. No, we haven’t even started milling it yet; first, we have to cut it down.

Kevin’s been working his little self to death modifying the truck to become a logging truck. Since we couldn’t find anyone willing to cut logs for us – we’ve decided we’ve got to do it ourselves.

This whole experience has been eye opening. We’ve run ads, offering good money for good logs. Nothing. Not that we haven’t had calls – we have – many of them. But what most people seem to want is for us to come and cut down their unwanted trees and to pay them for the privilege. Not quite what we had in mind.

So, we made a deal last week. We can cut all the cedar we want, for a very reasonable price, at a pace we can handle. No, we’re not loggers by any means. We’ll harvest these trees the same way we harvest off of our own place. Low impact and sustainability – which means simply we won’t take all the trees or even a heavy fraction of them and when we’re done – a person would be hard pressed to find traces of our being there.

Is it going to be hard work? You bet, but in the end, we’ll have enough cedar to both sell and to build with. Suddenly I’m thinking of a cedar kitchen…now wouldn’t that be something special?