Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

Whenever we get the chance, and this is most often on Saturdays when we go to town, Kevin and I like to hit gargage sales and make-shift flea markets. The past weekend was no exception and while generally we find little of value other than some decent clothing or other items we can use for props in out films - this time we hit the jackpot.

First stop I found a small camera bag, perfect for one of our Sony Nex-5 cameras. Lightweight enough, I can load the camera, an extra lens and and an extra memory card and not have it weigh me down like much larger bags. Looked the manufacturer of the bag up when we got home and was truly surprised to see a retail price of $39.99. My cost, 25 cents.

Second we found a 921 All American Canner. Kevin was expecting the woman to say she wanted 50 dollars for it. He was going to try to talk her down to 30. Her price 5 bucks. For those that don't know, these canners retail for around 200 dollars. So cha-ching.

My favorite personal find was a dulcimer. Homemade and old, but beautiful sounding. I have wanted one of these instruments since I first heard them back in the Tennessee hills during folk festivals in the Great Smoky Mountains. Since I don't know how to play, I could never justify the two to three hundred dollar cost for one. My find, 25 dollars. Even that, for reasons mentioned above was hard to justify, but I knew I would probably never have the opportunity again. I brought it.

So in the end, we spent $30.25 for approximately 450 dollars worth of stuff - and other than the dulcimer, the other two items were needed additions. And as I spend a few hours daily, attempting to play my new to me instrument, I'm finding I may just have needed that too.