Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rain, Rain and More Rain

October has been wet. Saying that is truly and understatement. I really think we've had more dreary days than we have had hours of sunlight. It's definitely fall and Kevin and I disagree on how bad the winter is going to be this year. I'm voting for cold, damp and miserable.

Lots of new articles on the website (find them here). So we've been making good use of the time indoors. More articles will follow soon, including the new well house pictures and such.

The grandchild is growing like weed and talking up a storm. Complete sentences too - albeit short one, but not bad for not quite being three yet.

Other news includes the release of my book Kats Tales: Journeys into the Velvet Darkness - Revealed Evil. It is doing pretty well on both Amazon and Smashwords. The next book, tentatively titled, Traba of Tredecim (The Table of the Thirteen) is on track for a year end release. The audio of Revealed Evil is almost half completed and it should see an early spring release. So for all that, I'm very pleased.